Do you wish you knew what it took to radically transform your body? Do you wish you had access to the information, education and the tools to help you transform your lifestyle? Can you imagine having a plan which can help? Neil Marsh Health & Fitness believe in helping people improve lifestyle through exercise and real food nutrition. Helping people in the Gym in the Willingham, Northstowe, Swavesey, Longstanton and Over Cambridge area. We are also Helping people with Online Fitness and Home workout plans in the same way all across the country and over the world as far as Vietnam, Dubia, and Australia.

Meet the team

Neil Marsh

'Coach Marshy'

Iona Black

'The Boss'

Holly Boag

'Hurricane Holly'

Sarah Broadbent

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Samantha Minnis

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Carol Norris

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Davina Mee

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Alex Coe

'Core Queen'

Why Neil Marsh Health and Fitness

Our coaches care

They will know you as an individual

Instructor Led

With an instructor lead facility there is no chance of becoming just a number in a “gym” or an outdoor bootcamp. Our instructors want to help each individual by coaching you through a training session rather than a class defined by a name. Our coaches care and they will know you as an individual working around your own individual needs and motivations. This is even true with our Online Fitness and Home workouts also. We believe in telling you the truth and would rather work with people who will put the trust and faith in the coaches, rather than in the class name, to reach the desired goals. A coach, who is highly qualified and has experience in transformations will give you the guidance and support you need calling on all their experience and knowledge to work you to your individual level, rather than relying on a class format designed for sales based results.


We believe people understand the basic concept of eat less move more and this isn’t the main problem. We are here to give you solutions, not broken promises. Giving strategies and real solutions is the key point to our business. Our understanding of busy lifestyles involving limited time to train and eat right gives us the purpose to show you, the clients, you can do this with the right time, energy and effort being invested. We will guide you to make educated choices giving you the energy to train and maintain a hectic schedule. By implementing our training and nutrition strategies we believe you will burn boat loads of fat, gain muscles tone and increase your ability and strength. We will teach you putting limits on what can be achieved is wrong and as far as your health and lifestyle is concerned you can finally reach those goals you deserve.

No broken promises

We are here to give you solutions, not broken promises.